June 8+9, 2023

Momentum Hits Inaugural 2023 RadioDays North America in Toronto!

At the inaugural Radiodays North America in Toronto, attendees discussed the future of audio amidst AI disruption, consumer habit shifts, and terrestrial radio challenges. Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig presented RadioGPT, an AI-driven radio content solution, exemplified by “AI Ashley” at Alpha Media’s KBFF-FM. Anstandig stressed the importance of embracing AI in radio, viewing it as an ally for creating new opportunities and enhancing local content.

The conference also emphasized the value of authenticity in broadcasting. Sessions led by iHeartMedia’s Dennis Clark and CBC Radio’s Tom Power highlighted the need for genuine, relatable content. Discussions explored AI’s role in radio’s digital transformation and its potential to enhance audience engagement. The event, set to return to Toronto next June, celebrated the resilience and adaptability of the radio industry in the face of technological advancements.