A highly collaborative partnership among many of Canada’s finest radio broadcasters.

With more than 500 Canadian radio stations from coast to coast, Radioplayer Canada offers nearly every style of music, news, sports, talk and entertainment, in both official languages… anytime, anywhere.

Radioplayer Canada is a free radio streaming app and an online audio player found on radio websites, delivering live and catch-up radio from hundreds of stations, coast to coast in Canada.

Radioplayer Canada offers nearly every style of music, news, sports, talk and entertainment, in both official languages… anytime, anywhere.

Radioplayer Canada + Momentum

Momentum manages Radioplayer Canada, on behalf of the consortium of participating radio broadcasters in Canada.

Radioplayer Canada exemplifies a unique alliance between the largest broadcasters in Canada, such as Pattison Media, Corus, CBC/Radio-Canada, Bayshore Broadcasting, Blackburn Radio, Rogers Media, among others. Since its inception, the platform has experienced substantial growth, initially providing service on iOS, Android devices, and web players, and now extending to an array of streaming platforms and smart speaker devices like Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Sonos, BOSE, Google Chromecast, among others. Notably, it has broadened its in-car experience, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

How We Did It / How We Do It

This comprehensive network was created by onboarding over 500 radio stations, engaging numerous developers nationwide, and releasing both iOS & Android applications, along with 500+ web-based audio players, all within a six-month launch window.

Facing these challenges, a web-based training and support structure was created for the developers and stations distributed across Canada. In depth knowledge of audio streaming technology, music scheduling play out systems, and broadcasting automation software was indispensable to ensure comprehensive support during the onboarding/training process. Tools such as the web-based Radioplayer Canada Knowledge Base, digital boarding packages, online webinars, Slack for collaborative communication, a weekly email newsletter, and an online ticketing system, were employed to expedite the station onboarding process and deliver continuous support. In addition, Radioplayer Canada’s online Knowledge Base facilitated the prompt distribution of necessary marketing material for the product launch, including Radio Brand Spots & Drops, Television Spots, Digital Creative, Brand Guidelines, App Images, among others.

The launch saw a countrywide deployment of 500+ web players, iOS, and Android applications, in conjunction with on-air promotion, advertisement, and social channel promotion. It also integrated Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, significantly enhancing the in-car listening experience. Post-launch, robust support mechanisms were established, including email support, a ticket system for technical difficulties, and monitoring systems for social channel queries, to respond swiftly and accurately to listener/user inquiries. Stations continue to receive ongoing technical and marketing support. Regular analytics and reporting, conducted weekly, monthly, and quarterly, keep Radioplayer Canada Board Members informed on listener data, system downtime, and future growth. The success of Radioplayer Canada is evident with over one million+ downloads from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and Canadians spending significant listening hours on the platform.

Momentum continues to foster a significant and ongoing relationship with Radioplayer Canada, a platform integral to the Canadian radio industry. Staying updated with the latest trends in streaming and online broadcasting ensures that all technological development directions are pertinent and beneficial to all participants of Radioplayer Canada. This involves considering the competitive platforms present in the marketplace and forthcoming technology. Momentum provides the Radioplayer Canada Board with the latest information on current and emerging technologies that necessitate attention and integration into the Radioplayer platform.

About Radioplayer Canada

Radioplayer Canada is a highly collaborative partnership among many of Canada’s finest radio broadcasters to provide listeners with a world-class streaming experience across a variety of platforms and connected devices, on mobile, tablet, desktop and in-car.

Radioplayer Canada unites broadcasters, fosters competition on content, and allows radio to compete with other digital forms of audio. 

The Radioplayer Mission

Radioplayer is all about innovation on behalf of the radio industry, owned by over 800 broadcasters across 23 countries, representing nearly 10,000 radio stations.

As a technology provider Radioplayer is deeply committed to collaboration. Radioplayer’s  primary objective is to revolutionize the radio experience and ensure radio’s continued relevance in the connected world.

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