Validate is the radio advertising measurement and audio attribution technology platform, developed for Radio by Radio!

Validate leverages radio data and a proprietary algorithm to calculate impressions, conversions, and CPM on every campaign, and displays those results in a simple dashboard – just like digital!

While other solutions measure listener response in 8-minute windows, Validate gives Radio credit for conversions up to 90 days later. Validate works the way Radio does!

Validate leverages data to calculate impressions, conversions, and CPM.

1. Data Aggregation

Using minute-by-minute PPM and streaming data, and other digital data, Validate generates a total picture of listening throughout the day and every time a client advertising message airs.

2. Conversions

Using a conversion tag, Validate logs listener visits to the client web site and returns the percentage of traffic that was delivered by their radio campaign.

3. Campaign Results

The Validate dashboard displays impressions, conversions, and CPM, as the campaign unfolds, which provides the opportunity to tweak the campaign mid-flight.

Andrew Snook Talks Validate - Audio Attribution

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The advertising measurement and audio attribution technology platform.

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