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In the rapidly evolving landscape of media broadcasting and digital platforms, connecting with the right talent is paramount.

Momentum Media Careers is poised to enhance the recruitment process across Canada, the United States, and globally.

As Canada’s leading media career portal, we offer media companies exclusive access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals ready to drive your organization forward. With our platform, you’ll find not just candidates, but future media innovators and leaders. Prepare to elevate your talent acquisition strategy. The future of media recruitment is arriving with Momentum Media Careers – where exceptional talent meets groundbreaking opportunities.

Stay tuned. The future of media recruitment is coming soon, and it begins with Momentum Media Careers – where your next opportunity awaits.

The future of media recruitment is coming, and it begins with Momentum Media Careers

We take a consultative approach with our partners, helping them solve their challenges and achieve their audience and revenue goals with the best solutions to meet their needs. Reach out for more information or a casual conversation.

Shawn Smith


Shawn is the founder of Momentum and a veteran media and marketing strategist. He’s worked with a multitude of media brands, assisting in their transition to digital, and fortifying their presence in the marketplace.

Michael Olstrom

Chief Operating Officer

Michael is a media and marketing veteran. He has evolved and grown large-scale multi-brand operations and is perfectly positioned to help businesses leverage new marketing and technologies for success.


The advertising measurement and audio attribution technology platform.

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