December 14, 2020

Broadcast Dialogue announces winners of inaugural Canadian Radio Awards

Broadcast Dialogue has announced the winners of the inaugural Canadian Radio Awards, which we’ve dubbed “The Howards” after our publisher emeritus Howard Christensen.

When Howard, a radio veteran and one of the original Broadcast News anchors, founded Broadcast Dialogue in 1992, he saw a need for both timely delivery of Canadian broadcast industry news, but also recognized the importance of creating a sense of community.

The Howards, founded in a particularly challenging year for radio, honour that legacy.

Howard, who served as one of this year’s jury members, told us “I heard outstanding sound from the smallest of markets to the largest.”

We hope you hear the same thing as we recognize the efforts of stations and their teams in an especially challenging year.

Find the complete winners list below. To hear the winning audio submissions and read more about our jury, visit