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Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith is a marketing and media veteran who has helped media clients in the US and Canada fortify and grow their revenues. He founded Momentum Media Marketing in 2003 and began assisting clients and national advertisers embrace digital strategies.

In addition to the B2B marketing agency, Shawn acquired Broadcast Dialogue, Canada’s broadcast industry publication and launched Momentum Media Networks in 2016, and acquired in 2022.

Previously Shawn worked with Jones Radio Networks, the largest independent audio programming and services company in the United States, as Director of Marketing and was responsible for the branding, positioning, and merchandising of the company’s 116 programs and services, serving 5000 American broadcast stations.

Shawn started his career as an on-air personality with CHUM Ltd. and later managed syndication for Rogers Media. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in marketing from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

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Momentum is a creator, developer, marketer, and licensor of brands, content, software, and tools for the broadcast industry, throughout Canada, the United States, and worldwide.

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Dive into the Future of In-Car Radio with Radioplayer

Radiodays North America
Harbour Ballroom A
Monday - June 3, 2024
1:00 PM — 1:45 PM

Join us for "Radio and the Dashboard," where we will delve into how Radioplayer collaborates with car companies and radio manufacturers to ensure radio remains a central feature in the dashboard.

This Radiodays North America session will highlight Radioplayer's efforts in providing reliable, authenticated metadata feeds for connected cars, developing hybrid 'smart radio' designs with car companies, and integrating apps and voice functionalities such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and more ....

Learn how these initiatives are shaping the future of in-car radio experiences.

Moderated by – Shawn Smith (President + Founder, Momentum Media)


Yann Legarson - CEO, Radioplayer Worldwide
Paul Kaye – Vice President - Head of Audio, Rogers Sports & Media

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