November 25, 2019

Radioplayer Canada tops 1Million downloads

The Radioplayer Canada app – the radio streaming app backed by a consortium of more than 500 Canadian radio stations – has surpassed one million downloads in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, combined.

“Two and a half years ago the majority of the Canadian radio broadcasters joined together to collaborate on technology in order to make radio listening easy for the audience – wherever, whenever, and however they want,” said Julie Adam, Radioplayer Canada Board Chair and Senior Vice-President, Rogers Radio, in a release. “Clearly, Canadian radio lovers have responded by downloading the Radioplayer app more than a million times.”

Radioplayer says Canadians are now spending 3.7 million hours a month with the app, with time spent listening up five per cent in the past six months alone. Radioplayer Canada has also appeared numerous times on the list of the Top 10 most downloaded, free apps in Canada.

Since its launch, the app has moved from being available on iOS, Android devices and online to a growing number of streaming platforms and smart speaker devices, including Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Sonos, BOSE, Google Chromecast, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, among others.

Part of the not-for-profit Radioplayer Worldwide, which now has participation from 12 countries, including the UK, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Peru and Spain, Radioplayer Canada has more station involvement than any other country. Those stations include CBC/Radio-Canada, Bayshore Broadcasting, Blackburn Radio, Blackgold Radio, Byrnes Communications, CAB-K Broadcasting, Central Ontario Broadcasting, Clear Sky Radio, Cogeco Media, Corus Radio, Durham Radio, Golden West Broadcasting, Harvard Broadcasting, Stingray, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Rogers Media, Rawlco Radio, RNC Media, Saskatoon Media Group, Vista Radio, and Westman Communications Group, as well as the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC).

Initiated by the BBC in 2011, in partnership with more than 150 UK stations, Radioplayer aims to grow online radio listening, built on a philosophy of “sharing technology and competing on content.” Radioplayer Worldwide has an ongoing mandate to represent radio to the tech industry, including working with car companies to ensure that radio’s central role in the dashboard is maintained.

Momentum Media Marketing, the publisher of Broadcast Dialogue, is the board-appointed management company for Radioplayer Canada.

Radioplayer Canada + Momentum

Momentum manages Radioplayer Canada, on behalf of the consortium of participating radio broadcasters in Canada.

Radioplayer Canada exemplifies a unique alliance between the largest broadcasters in Canada, such as Pattison Media, Corus, CBC/Radio-Canada, Bayshore Broadcasting, Blackburn Radio, Rogers Media, among others. Since its inception, the platform has experienced substantial growth, initially providing service on iOS, Android devices, and web players, and now extending to an array of streaming platforms and smart speaker devices like Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Sonos, BOSE, Google Chromecast, among others. Notably, it has broadened its in-car experience, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.