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Global radio broadcasters have come together to expand their presence across automobiles, smart speakers, and consumer electronics, broadening their accessibility and audience engagement. Radioplayer continues to innovate, consistently integrating new features and stations. Being a member of the Radioplayer family enriches this crucial data exchange, enabling you to enhance your content and maximize your station reach. 

Dive into a new era of innovation and collaboration!

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at Radiodays North America in June 2024. 

We understand the challenges broadcasters face in today’s digital landscape.
That’s why Radioplayer is your trusted partner in keeping radio prominent in the digital world.

Shawn Smith


Shawn is the founder of Momentum and a veteran media and marketing strategist. He’s worked with a multitude of media brands, assisting in their transition to digital, and fortifying their presence in the marketplace.

Michael Olstrom

Chief Operating Officer

Michael is a media and marketing veteran. He has evolved and grown large-scale multi-brand operations and is perfectly positioned to help businesses leverage new marketing and technologies for success.


The advertising measurement and audio attribution technology platform.

Today Radio

Today Radio gets back to the core values that have always made radio extraordinary.

Radioplayer Canada

Radioplayer Canada is a free radio streaming app, an online audio player and more.