July 28, 2016

Broadcast Dialogue Goes Digital

Shawn Smith is the founder of Momentum Marketing in Vancouver. He is also the new publisher at Broadcast Dialogue, the venerable magazine that has been run masterfully by Howard and Ingrid Christensen.

Publisher's Note

Many words have been thrown around in an effort to define what Broadcast Dialogue has meant to our Canadian media industry. Words appear on the tip of the tongue: passion, trust, integrity, and legacy. But it’s the sense of connectedness that resonates with me most.

With a finite industry spread across a vast geography the antidote to isolation is connection. We are friends and acquaintances yet fierce but friendly competitors. We are truly connected by the passion we share for broadcast media in all its forms.

“I have often said that you can see the future of Canada from here,” lamented the (now) Prime Minister from a Vancouver mountaintop during his election campaign. I get the same feeling as we begin a new era of Broadcast Dialogue. I feel like I can indeed see the future of the media industry in Canada from here. And it is very promising indeed.

Thank you Howard and Ingrid for connecting Canada’s media and creating an amazing platform for what’s next. We go forward because of you.

Let the dialogue begin… anew.

Shawn Smith 
Publisher | Broadcast Dialogue