March 22, 2019

An Interview w/ Michael Hill, Managing Director, Radioplayer Worldwide

Radioplayer Canada celebrates its second anniversary this month of streaming Canadian radio stations to millions of listeners each week.

On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue – The Podcast, our publisher Shawn Smith in conversation with Michael Hill, managing director of Radioplayer Worldwide, on the rise of radio streaming, the future of the in-dash radio experience and the challenges of smart speaker adoption.

Radioplayer Canada + Momentum

Momentum manages Radioplayer Canada, on behalf of the consortium of participating radio broadcasters in Canada.

Radioplayer Canada exemplifies a unique alliance between the largest broadcasters in Canada, such as Pattison Media, Corus, CBC/Radio-Canada, Bayshore Broadcasting, Blackburn Radio, Rogers Media, among others. Since its inception, the platform has experienced substantial growth, initially providing service on iOS, Android devices, and web players, and now extending to an array of streaming platforms and smart speaker devices like Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Sonos, BOSE, Google Chromecast, among others. Notably, it has broadened its in-car experience, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.