TAWKR TV, the political themed live YouTube channel, relies on Momentum to build its brand, reach new audience across multiple platforms, and monetize its content.

Momentum helped TAWKR become one of the first verified daily live YouTube broadcasters, aggregating news, political, and commentary video content from multiple sources. We developed the brand, established all the digital and social platforms, and forged a monetization partnership with BroadbandTV.

TAWKR relies on Momentum to provide insight on upcoming broadcast platforms that transcend traditional outlets.


  • Brand development
  • Content aggregation strategy
  • Establish verified YouTube channel
  • Content monetization plan
  • Online audience engagement and growth
  • Cross-platform promotion
  • Media launch and partner acquisition press

Return on Investment

  • One of the first live YouTube broadcasters
  • 50,000 views in the initial launch period
  • Monetization partnership with BBTV (4th largest network on YouTube)
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