Market Research

At Momentum, we believe that market research can put The ‘voice of the customer’ into your Marketing Strategy

In some cases, we find that the voice of the customer is missing from the marketing process. In these cases, we recommend market research to flesh out customer segments, purchasing behavior, and attitudes towards existing and proposed products/services. This important customer data will help prioritize and focus your marketing strategy going forward.

Many companies put artificial barriers between marketing and market research. At Momentum, we believe that marketing and market research should work together to maximize value for our customers.

Momentum Will Give You Answers

Using industry standard market research methodologies in tandem with innovative marketing strategies, our market research services can:

– Test marketing campaigns before they are launched

– Validate a market for a new product or service

– Identify customer segments (including which are most lucrative)

– Discover the optimal price point for a product or service

Our Process

Our market research experts and partners at Momentum will:

– Guide you through a ‘research needs assessment” process

– Propose an appropriate methodology to achieve the desired outcomes

– Conduct the research with your customers or potential customers

– Analyze the results in the context of the desired outcomes

– Report on the findings with actionable recommendations tied to marketing and sales

Key Deliverables

Your Momentum Market Research document will include:

– Executive summary
– Research Objectives
– Methodology
– Secondary Research Summary
– Primary Research Outcomes
– Analysis and Recommendations

Let the work begin

At Momentum, we put your financial and organizational success at the center of everything we do. Congratulations on your commitment to this process and on your continued path for growth, success, and measurable results.

Your Marketing Research program from Momentum begins with a simple conversation.

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